How can you earn by freelancing through


How can you earn by freelancing through
Well, this is a very unique and authentic question if you are asking or you are searching elsewhere about how can you earn by freelancing (I am not talking about right now) because you are on right track. Usually, people ask or search how can we earn money free or without skill that is very unauthentic and not a realistic question, I really hate these type question, btw when I was new in this field I was also asked this type questions to be honest but now it’s my job to give you right direction.

So first of all what is freelancing?

Here is a copy and worldwide definition of freelancing.
“Essentially, a freelance job is one where a person works for themselves, rather than for a company. While freelancers do take on contract work for companies and organizations, they are ultimately self-employed. … Freelancers are not considered “employees” by the companies they work for, but rather “contractors.”
But I will tell you in easy and proper words. Basically freelancing means work without time conditions and boundaries, you can say feel free job. And freelancer means the man who does freelancing.”

Freelancing has a lot of categories, you can’t collab it in one. It depends on your skill which things you can do better and provide its services on a platform like Fever, Legiit, Upwork and so on.
So, first of all, you should search for your self what you can do and what you can not, then learn that skill and enter into this community feel free. Freelancing is not 1 weak or 1 month play it needs your daily attention your months and your years then you can say you are a proper freelancer. So now there is a very big competition on freelancing marketplaces like Fiverr and Upwork so for new freelancers, it is very difficult to highlight in millions of people. But there is a solution for newbies, yes I am talking about
Legiit is a new startup or you can say a new marketplace based in the USA with a big growing community. is also like Fiverr, Upwork or other marketplaces but the great thing is that it is growing very rapidly. started in January 2018 and expand and grow like the speed of lite. In Agust 2019 I joined and at the end of 2019 I got 100+ orders, you can imagine how this platform is successful and I personally love this platform. Legiit has a lot of features for buyers and also for sellers. Legiit is most impressive for sellers like in Fiverr is not. On Fiverr there is no protection for new sellers, the buyer is king on Fiverr but on Legitt they give sensitive and impressive support to sellers also that I personally experienced. If you are thinking to join any freelancing marketplace then your first priority should b Legiit. I am promising you if you join Legiit before 2020 then you will b likely Fiverr top sellers in 2-3 years.

  1. On the other hand legit has some bad things but few, I will explain here.
    They are at the start but in very starting, they add a premium feature which is not a good thing according to my thinking. The paid feature is for high-level sellers, if you are new you don’t need to get this feature because you can do all of your work without this feature. This feature includes profile and services analytics etc not many features so if you are thinking to start on Legiit then I will suggest you don’t go with a premium membership at the start.
  2. They don’t send you a mail about account blocking or suspension, they have not any warning system for any seller or buyer. If they detect any irrelevant activity on your account then you will instantly block your account without any warning that is also a negative point of Legiit.

And all other things are in plus point of Legiit that’s why I love Legiit more than other platforms. I have a level 2 account on Fiverr also but I love more with Legiit. If you are an SEO expert then Legiit is the very very first priority for you, there is a competition on SEO services as compare to other niches but the 70% traffic is of SEO service so you should think about that. Legiit has a Facebook page and group as well on where you can find clients and much help and support from direct their community and also from admin. Then have not buyers request feature right now but in future, it will. They make paid promotion of your services weakly basis on Facebook, google email marketing and much more. So they support to work with them and grow their community.

They accept Paypal and credit card system and also account balance. They add these high type functions to start that a company or a startup never does. You can read about them and about their services how can you work on Legiit on their official platform.

Legiit Help Desk

Don’t late and join Legiit today and get a lot of benefits in freelancing careers. If you have any problem or need any service you can leave a comment or approach us directly for discussion thank you for reading this article and giving your precious time.


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