PTC script is scam?


Why you should not buy a script from

If you don’t know about then I will describe to you here what exactly is. is a Paid to Click (PTC) website script that is very famous in the market and also useful. But really is useful? I can say yes or no,   If we study according to its features then it is good but if we see the behavior of its owner and support about its update then this script is waste. was first of all on, they sell their cheap script and services many years and they got a lot of complaints and negative ratings, due to this reason sends them many warnings about their customer support and their script. But they each time ignore them and keep scamming at last code canyon block them and they delete their script from their website.

Now the question is how they were scamming with people?

First of all, they sell their scripts and user complaint about a bug that is usually users do, then they starting ignoring themes continuously after few days users follow the complaint of code canyon support. So after getting out to from code canyon, they start to selling script on their website with more scamming techniques. They will tell you that they will provide you extended license in 60$ with all feature s you need, but in reality, you can make their license script to un license in few lines of codes. There beggar owner will call you again and again for making payment and will continue messaging you until you don’t pay him. The most amazing thing is that they will never accept PayPal because you can make a refund so they will force you to send payment in another way that will not refundable.

So after payment, they will start ignoring you. This is the real face of fucking scammers, so be aware of these types scammers, They will never give you what you want, they will send you bugging script which is garbage.

So never buy anything from scammers.


By admin